Paying less in taxes is only the beginning

You’re scratching the
surface of what your
legacy could be

You can get so focused on trying to build a practice, you forget what you’re building it for. Deep down, all your hard work is dedicated to securing a better future for your family. But working hard has become the day to day routine.

You have the dreams alright, but you’re missing a practical plan to help you save tax and maximize your financial legacy.

paying higher icon@2x

Why am I paying higher taxes than others?

You want to keep more of what you earn.
weather storm icon@2x

Can I weather a financial storm?

You aren’t sure whether a medical liability suit or recession might break you.
children have a better life icon@2x

Will my children have a better life than me?

You don’t want your children to have to work as hard or as much as you do.

You don’t want to do things halfway, and neither do we

You’re invested in your education and you’re not afraid to get support. You know your efforts will be maximized when you have a team around you and a structured plan to follow.

You deserve peace of mind

It’s your turn to have a coordinated team looking after you
Know how to keep more of what you earn
Know your business can weather the storms
Build your wealth in a way that will benefit your family for years to come

Here's how we do it:

Invent your Wealth

We’ll start with a free tax review, helping you figure out what you’re building for and how to create a better life for your children. Together we’ll determine your criteria for success and create a structured plan for how to achieve it.

Invest in your Team

We’ll help you assemble advisors to help you fulfill your plan. Get lawyers involved, meet with a mortgage broker, identify the right investment manager. InventWealth coordinates with the whole team, like a primary care physician for your finances.

Insure your Legacy

Work through the steps you need to action towards your business dreams. Have your taxes planned with maximum refund. Create investments to accelerate growth. You can do monthly maintenance yourself with our monthly support call or we can do it for you.

It’s time to choose a path towards your goals for your wealth

If you’re ready to take the first step, go straight to our free tax review.
Not ready to plan for your future, but still want to save some tax? Read our tax saving tips.