We don’t want you to be boxed in by your finances any longer.

You work hard for your business and your family, and your earnings should count for something.

We work with people who share
the same fundamental values

We understand where you’re coming from. Family and legacy is important to us too. We have our own wealth and tax strategy and the whole family is invested in the business.



About your growth, your family, your education. You’re not doing things halfway.

Seasoned investors

You have multiple investments and aren’t dependent on someone else. Your practice or investments are growing.


You don’t have an ego and know when to ask for help with your business.


You don’t cut people off. You care about the quality of the work you do.


You and your spouse both work in the business or make decisions about the business together.

Rudy Gavrilov

Rudy started Gavrilov & Co in 2011 and later rebranded to InventWealth in 2021. He was inspired to make a difference when he noticed how most people expect to work for someone else, put away for retirement, and hopefully have something to show for it in 20-30 years. Rudy believes that life is whatever you want it to be at any time you want it to be, and no one needs to wait to reach their lifelong goals.

Rudy, a graduate of Queens College with a degree in accounting,  specializes in Tax Planning, and is licensed by the IRS
Rudy has trained with the top CPA’s in the country, and is part of the WealthAbility Network of CPA’s & Tax Advisors
Rudy is most proud of the family he and his wife have built.

Diana Gavrilov

Diana loves being able to contribute to the world by helping clients save more money. She knows that accounting has a great impact and that there is a story and a future behind all those numbers. She originally considered becoming a doctor and has a true helper’s heart. Diana helps clients save money so they can retire early, be healthy and wealthy, and contribute back to society.

Diana is a CPA, graduated from PACE University with a BBA & MBA degree in accounting.
Diana has over 15 years of public and corporate tax experience.
Diana spends every minute outside of work with Rudy and their three beautiful girls, who keep them young and eager to grow further.

Right now financial freedom might just look like less tax and less worry

But financial freedom long term could mean:
Multiple streams of income
Taking more vacations
Not living by the price tag
Living out your dream lifestyle

Most importantly, it can mean leaving a legacy for your children.
Never thinking “is this actually possible?” or “can I really do this?”

We’ll give you the structure you need to confidently build wealth and realistically make this happen.

See your finances from a new perspective

You know you’re already scratching the surface, and you could be doing more.

We want to open your eyes to a new way of thinking about the tax strategies you’ve read about in books. You’ll see how to apply them to your life and make an impact on your family’s future.