Our Business Plan Template: a Gift for Your Company’s Success

Service Charges and Tips Have Different Rules

Our Business Plan template awaits you on our homepage. When you fill out a business plan, we assure you that you will have a better plan for a successful company.  In fact, it should not be called a business plan. It should be named a success plan. Whether you are just opening a start-up business or re-evaluating your small business, it is very important that you that you have a business plan.

There’s a hard way and an easy way to create your business.   The hard way is without a business plan, and why would

A Business Plan Can Be Quite Complex. A Template gives you an outline.
Filling out a Business Plan Template might require considerable time. Spice it up with graphs and charts that visualize your business information. 

you do that?

Therefore, Gavrilov & Co has Created a Free Template for You

Think of your business plan template as an information form. Download, print and then complete our free business plan template. When you have finished, you will have a complete,  professional overview of your company. It’s a surprise gift from Gavrilov & Co to you.

How To Get the Gavrilov & Co Business Plan Template:   Just sign your email address in our handy pop-up and then the download is yours, free of charge or obligation.

However, if, as you fill out the template, you have questions, feel free to reach out to us and give us a call or send us an email.

Three Reasons You Need to Fill in the Gavrilov Business Plan Template

There are tons of different business plans you could use, but this one is the culmination of 35 combined years of work in the financial world. We consult with businesses for financial, tax and accounting purposes.

Likewise, we have worked with large and small companies, and this business plan is the culmination of watching their successes and failures. Executive accountants at Gavrilov & Co have learned that the most successful businesses have some kind of business plan. And if they do not have one at the beginning, they get one mid-way into the life of the company.

Business Plan Reason Number One:  Getting Control of Your Business

You might say you do not have time to write a business plan. However, just the act of making the time to fill out the plan

A business plan can be visualized as a group of interrelated wooden blocks.
Note the symbolic words that make up the blocks of this visual business plan idea.

will give you a feeling of control. According to experts at the Australian Business Advisors Board state, “Business planning can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but many successful businesses look at it as an opportunity.

The planning process helps you learn about the different forces and factors that may affect your success.”  Likewise, if you’re in the mid-life of your business, a business plan helps you take a step back, and take a look at strategies and procedures you might improve.

Your Personal Invitation to a Stress-free, Pain-Free Business Plan Template from Gavrilov & Co

So download the nice, neat, insanely free Gavrilov & Co Business Plan Template, print it out and do it for the good of your future. (It’s sort of like a financial planning consultation guide, without the fees!)  You see, the research to fill in the business plan template with your data will enhance your knowledge about the important business features of your company.

Plus, you will have less stress if you use time to construct a plan instead of wasting time with needless worry and anxiety.. This is your chance to help your business while you learn about your own industry, the market out there and last but not least, your competitors in a logical way. These three points are essential in Getting Control of your Business.

  • You will discover exactly where you are in the market and where you’re headed (page 7)
  • You can check out competitors.
  • On page 9, you can spot the challenges you have to face in regard to your competition, and find strategies to overcome them.
  • You can arrive at a deeper understanding of your business finances. Answer questions about managing cash-flow and determining your break-even point. It’s all in the section beginning from page 10-13.

Business Plan Reason Number 2:  A business Plan Can Help You Get Money

Our second reason for encouraging you to have a business plan is that you have to show it to banks and investors if you

A business plan might tak a whole wall to sketch out and research.
Creating a business plan might take time and colorful notes, but this wall of notes and arrows is the beginning of a business plan thought process for one creative individual.

have any hope of ever securing a loan for your business.  With a well thought-out business plan in place, your bank or investor will have confidence in your success and profitability.

Otherwise, why should they risk their hard-earned dollars on your enterprise?  If you’re seeking finance for your business, you’ll need to show banks why they should invest in your business. (Fill in the blanks on pages 5, 6, and 8)

Investors Will Scrutinize These Details in Your Plan

  1. The Business Plan shows that you’re serious about your business.
  2. The pages in the Business Plan help lenders and investors to understand your business idea.
  3. Fill in our template to show your predicted profits and income streams. (Pages 8, 10 and 12 in our download will help you present your company as viable.)
  4. Be aware that your marketing plan is also a crucial part of helping you to attract funds. (But that’s a different blog.)
  5. Understand that having a complete business plan allows you to take an organized look at  for more information on applying for finance.

New Ways to Fund Your Business also Need to see your Plan

Startup Savant agrees with us on this point.  They say, “Funding, funding, funding. Every business needs it and there never seems to be enough lying around. Bottom line, you have almost ZERO chance of getting funds from traditional sources like these without a thorough business plan:”  You will need to show it to:

Business Plan Reason Number Three:  Valuation

Valuation means you simply know, right off the cuff, how much your business is worth.  In the words of one of our favorite terminology sources, Investopedia, Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a  company.

Likewise, we understand that the truth of it is in the math. That is where you find valuation and as well as your your company’s financial health.

Banks and investors don’t care about what you say, nearly as much as they care about the numbers on your business plan.  (Page 8,9,10, and 12 of our Business Plan Template) will help you find the right numbers to let your company shine.

Valuation Questions

Once you have filled in the aswers on those pages, you can answer such questions as:

  • “How are things adding up?
  • What’s the current estimated value of your company?
  • What’s the projected valuation over the coming years?
  • How much will your company be worth in a decade?
The business plan protects a company with organization, and legalily.
A business person must have a Business Plan as part of protection from “sharky” investors. Business Sharks might take advantage of your ideas, strategies and products. Don’t be the little fish that gets gobbled up. 

Once you have utilized the Gavrilov & Co Business Plan Template, it should be packed with the numbers that matter to your bottom line. Feel free to enrich the plan template with a your own graphs, charts, lists and diagrams.

A Sharky Visualization

Hardly anyone in business doesn’t know about the Shark Tank television show in which entrepeneurs vie for financial backing from well-known millionaires.   Do you want to find an investor who will back you?  Do you want a bank to take your business seriously?

Try imagining you are going to face the angelic investors on Shark Tank with their debt-free lending power.  What business type of paperwork would you show them to augment your presentation?

Have you prepared a statement that encompasses your business and your strategies for making it successful?  If you had, such a statement would be the beginning of a real Business Plan. It would be a document, filled out like the template we are offering you.

We have more details to share about the importance of your business plan. But these the three reasons for filling in a Business Plan template listed in this blog will get you started in the right direction.

And you can anticipate three more top reasons in an upcoming blog.

One More Reminder for October or Should We Say Pink-tober?

For now, in addition to telling you about the free gift of the Gavrilov & Co Business Plan Template, we want to remind you of one other significant observance in October.

Breast Cancer Awareness is Part of October.
Gavrilov and Co. Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness in Celebration and Memory.


It’s Pink Ribbon Time, and time for us all to be aware of Breast Cancer. People take time out every October and recognize its effect on the lives of :

wives and daughters,

mothers and sisters,

aunts and cousins,

and friends.

Now we know that most people out there in our country, have felt the icy chill of this disease on a friend or family member.

We recognize the value of Breast Cancer education and advocacy.  Thus, we are wearing our pink ribbons in honor of survivors. Likewise some of us wear them in remembrance of someone dear who lost their fight against this deadly disease.

Thank you for reading the blog at Gavrilov & Co, and we are proud to have given you the new Business Plan Template.  If you are seeking investors, indeed, if you are auditioning for the Shark Tank, there could be no better preparation.  Actually, it might be better if the Sharks don’t call because you might not want to share any part of your equity or profit with them after your Business Plan begins producing a fabulous bottom line. Such is the power of a great business plan.

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