Tax-Free Income

Tax-Free and Wealthy too.

Tax-Free Wealth is available to everyone. And yet unless you discuss tax-free wealth with your professional tax advisor, you might not know how to create it. There is a new way of regarding your tax situation.  So, you can thank writers like Tom Wheelwright and Gavrilov & Co.  They bring you a few of the best ideas in this blog with some of the concepts listed below.  Thus, Our tax planning, professional tax advisors and business consultants eagerly bring you a fresh new way to look at your tax situation.

Tax-Free Wealth Hides in Your Tax Code

Tax-Free Income is Available if You Use the Tax Code Properly.
You Can Find Tax-Free Income in the Tax Code.

With a little tax planning and business advice, we might show the way to some tax-free riches.  Such hidden tax-free wealth can be yours if you follow some of the inspiring concepts in this blog.

  • If you think of taxation in a new way, we can help you learn more about what the tax code can do for you.
  • Perhaps you will have to start small in building tax-free wealth. But through the refreshing ideas of best-selling writer Tom Wheelwright, you can change your whole attitude toward the tax season.
  • Tax-Free Wealth hides in the tax code.  So, Tom Wheelwright reveals ways to find it.  And we are here to help because the tax code is a hefty read.

Taxes, Wealth and You:  4 Basic Ideas from Tom Wheelwright Book—

Tom Wheelwright, the Financial wizard, wrote the book, Tax-Free Wealth.  Now, it is in its 2nd Edition.  “How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes.”

Now, all of his ideas might not work for your fiscal situation. However, we are seeing clients change their complete emotional and financial attitudes toward tax planning and payment.

Such clients come to Gavrilov & Co not just to have their taxes figured and filed. But to gain insights into using the tax code (in a legal manner) to make money.  With Gavrilov and Co’s personalized attention, they put personal and business financial plans in place for this year.  And next year, 5, 10, 20 years in the future.  All with additional discoveries of Tax-Fee Wealth.

Tax-Free Wealth:  Your New Attitude

Let’s look at the baby steps to this new attitude.

First, you will have to stop villainizing the IRS as this evil entity who wants to take all your money.

Secondly, you will perceive the tax code as a handbook of incentives.  The tax code shows you incentives and reductions that are tax-free. With your Gavrilov Tax Advisor’s help, you can make long-range plans to build your wealth through tax incentives.  We don’t make wild promises.  You could live tax-free right off the bat. However, we will teach you how to optimize your tax dollars.

Thirdly,  “Get ready to forget everything you thought about taxation.” Contrary to what you have learned in the past, the government is not out to get you. They simply want to show you new ways to manage money, investments, and business.  The result will be that you can contribute to your own wealth while improving the overall economy.

Tax Code Guidance and Incentives

Find Tax-Free Wealth with the Help of Gavrilov and Co.
Hidden Treasure in the Tax Code

The writers of the tax code actually give you guidance through their incentives and reductions. However, the information is phrased in the tax laws of the tax code.  Thus, it’s reasonable that you might not have time to study. This is especially true for business owners.  Therefore, you need the help of our tax-advising, business-building, investment-coaching squad of professionals.  They can help you build your tax-free wealth.

  • Tax Reductions We’ll show you how the government actually incentivizes your business to operate properly.
  • Human Resources and Taxes:  We know the way you hire your staff can build up your tax-free wealth and ultimate riches.
  • About Retirement:  Taking a new look at how you structure your retirement investment can bring you more wealth.
  • Beyond the Business Plan:  We’ll show you how to utilize a cost segregation study for your business that seems expensive and then multiplies wealth exponentially.   

Introducing Tom Wheelwright:  Accountant of Joy

Just to give you a taste of the joy, energy and wealth, this new attitude can bring you in your life.  Further, Tom Wheelwright states, “Hi, I’m Tom Wheelwright, And I have a simple message that will change your life…just like it’s changed my life, and THOUSANDS of others’ around the world:

Taxes can make you rich. It’s true.  However, most people don’t believe me at first.  And here’s why…Everything you’ve ever learned about taxes is wrong.”

A Few Wheelwright Principles for Building Tax-Free Wealth

We know you grew up thinking tax law is a sort of villain, like Snidely Whiplash in the old cartoons. Wheelwright states, “Most people think the tax law is a ball and chain.”  It’s “meant to rob you of your hard-earned money. Wrong.”

1.      With training and experience, we have realized the tax law “is a series of incentives that can make you rich (faster than you ever thought possible).”

2.      We have to quote Wheelwright here because nobody puts it like him:  “Most people think that the more money you make, the more taxes you must pay. Wrong. How you make your money is more important than how much you make.”  By the way, Gavrilov & Co can show you how.  It’s not as hard or as expensive as you might think.

Myth and More Truth

3.      Now here’s a myth we see in the face of many haggard taxpayers who just bring their books to our tax accountants once a year with the advice to do our best. You see, they believe the myth “that the government wants you to be poor and pay more in taxes. Wrong.”

4.       Then, the shocking truth is that the government actually wants “to see you pay less in taxes and become rich.”  That’s why they offer incentives and reductions to help your business thrive.

5.       Be careful whom you trust:  He also says, “Most people (including 99.99% of CPAs) think the only way to pay less in taxes is to make less money. Wrong.”  The very heart of the matter is that the way to pay less in taxes is to understand the tax law.  And then, use it to your advantage. This might require a little help from your tax professional.  You know, not just any tax-man in a pop-up store will understand.  It takes a true, forward-thinking, cutting edge business advisor and tax planner to bring out the nuances of tax-free wealth.  (But you can start by reading the Tom Wheelwright book.)

Tax-Free Wealth:  No White-collar Crime

Another myth you might have grown up believing is that the only way to pay little-to-nothing in taxes is to commit white-collar crime.” That’s just wrong.  With a good tax-plan advisor, it is possible to “legally, permanently (and easily) reduce your taxes.

A Few Examples of Free Tax Strategies

There are quite a few ways to begin to put tax money back in your pocket.  For example, we can show you some strategies to protect your assets and your family.  The wealthy have known tax secrets for generations. Now, you can learn them.

You can discover how even small investments reap tax advantages undreamed of by those who fear to invest.   Likewise, entrepreneurs are getting special tax advantages. So perhaps it’s the perfect time to build your own business.

Read the Book:  Watch Your Financial I.Q. Grow

You can look for more tax issues touched by Wheelwright as we approach tax planning season.  Then, we can show you how to overcome the fear of an audit and how to survive the experience. Likewise, as we enter the fall season, we will be bringing you more ideas about the benefits of a tax advisor in finding your Tax-Free Wealth.  We’ll be bringing you actionable advice on reducing your tax bill.  All of this, and we will help you learn about the incentives in the newly revised tax code.

Financial Awareness

Let Us Help You Find Tax-Free Wealth in Your Life’s Journey

Plus, with Tom’s concepts, we can show you how you might reduce your personal tax bill if you by making you more aware “of your financial situation and understanding the incentives offered to investors and business owners.”

  • First, brief examples include the ways, business owners can pay less tax if they properly write off various business expenses.
  • Likewise, they can mitigate payroll taxes by structuring their firm as an S-corp in order to mitigate payroll taxes.
  • “In addition, direct investors in real estate and oil& gas receive numerous tax benefits that can limit their tax liability or even result in a zero tax bill through the use of accelerated depreciation, 1031 exchanges, and various tax credits.”
  • Finally, take a careful look at your plans regarding estate and retirement planning. We might advise you to consider a Roth IRA instead of the traditional IRAs & 401ks. Did you know that all the “profits made within a Roth are tax-free, not tax-deferred?” That’s Tax-Free Wealth for the taking.

Read Tom Wheelwright’s explanation of traditional retirement financial services. “Furthermore, he argues that while traditional retirement vehicles give investors an immediate tax deduction, that deduction comes at a steep cost of converting capital gains & dividend income into ordinary income which is taxed at a higher tax rate (roughly double).”

All in all, if you read his book, Tom Wheelwright’s ideas are bound to give you excitement and enthusiasm about taxation you never felt before.  Grab a copy of Tax-Free Wealth, your tax reports, and come see us. Our tax and business advisers know Tom Wheelwright’s secrets and some of them might work for you.

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