Real Thanksgiving Gratitude Comes Tax-Free!

Thanksgiving for Friends and Family is the order of the day

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express our thank our friends and family, for being in our lives. At Gavrilov & Co Accounting and Tax Services, gratitude is our Thanksgiving attitude and it comes tax-free. We also send out a very special Thanksgiving Thanks and Greeting to our business partners, associates and clients.

Best Greetings for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Brings Us Blessings and Gratitude
There is No Better Time to Thank our Friends and Clients For Their Support.

We are very grateful to our clients for their trust and loyalty. Few things are more private than your finances and we appreciate your honoring our honesty and integrity.

You know, experts say that if you do what you can make a living by doing what you love, then you’ll never “work” a day in your life.  And what we do–passionately– is numbers.  So this year we are grateful you allow us to do what we do best.

Gratitude is our Attitude–Even in a Rush

Holiday blogs can be awkward.  At worst they seem cliche or condescending. At best they seem sentimental or superfluous. But Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year. And this year we have put some intense effort into our messages of gratitude to you.

In busy holiday times we often become so focused on the jobs, goals and deadlines needed to create the holiday, that we lose the spirit of the holiday itself. Thus, it sometimes seems like we forget to thank people just for being in our lives. So this year we have made a pledge to thank all the forgotten people who have contributed to our success.

A Perfect Thanksgiving Opportunity, Never to Be Wasted

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to say to friends and clients all over the world, and especially those in our New York City community members, “Every one of you are special and you make our lives special.”

A Tax-free Thank You and Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Please consider this Thank You Blog as a Thank You Card, for all the little things that we never mention.  We use this one day, Thanksgiving, as a symbol to remind ourselves that we have many reasons to be grateful–to give thanks for the many gifts of life and love.  First and foremost, we are thankful to have the day to enjoy, relax and catch up with family and friends.

A Brief Collection of Thanksgiving Facts and Statistics

Thanksgiving brings our family a bounty of blessings
Family and Friends are the Greatest Bounty of the Season

In the heart-felt good nature of the holiday and the numerical psychology of accounting, we thought you’d like to know a few facts, statistics and favorite numbers behind this famous holiday. 

1.  A Number of Years for Turkey Left-overs:  A We think of turkeys as fairly modern birds, but fossil evidence has revealed that turkeys existed on the American continent 10 million years ago.
2. A High Number of Consumers:  91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
3.  Recipe Statistic:  Only 50% of Americans put the stuffing inside the turkey.

More Tax Free Numbers

4.  A Popular Veggie Statistic:  We serve More than 40 Million green bean casseroles in to go with Thanksgiving Dinner.
5.  Stunning Harvest:  20% of all the cranberries eaten are consumed on Thanksgiving.
6.  Tax Free Stats on the Birds:  We estimate 7.3 billion pounds of turkey will be produced and consumers will spend about 3.1 billion dollars on it. That’s 283 million turkeys.  And of course, you will pay tax on them.
7.  Last but not least, the Guinness Book of Records states that the greatest dressed weight for a turkey is 39.09 kg (That’s 86 pounds!)  This Thanksgiving prize-winning bird was named and recorded as champion “heaviest turkey” in London, England, Dec.12,1989.

A Season of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Day is not just one day. We wish that the spirit of Appreciation could be held in our hearts year round. We suggest we make a pledge to go out of our way for 2019, to thank the people who have helped us or given us a moment of friendship and beauty.

A Thanksgiving Tax Tip Especially for You

Because Thanksgiving is a time of reflections, we invite you to mark out a little time this week, this year, and every year, to perform a “paycheck check-up.”  Simply utilize the  the very handy Withholding Calculator. Make a mental note to do this because the recent changes in tax law for 2018 might make an important difference in tax that is withheld from your paycheck.  According to new releases from the IRS, “The Calculator helps you identify your tax withholding to make sure you have the right amount of tax withheld from your paycheck at work.”

Thanksgiving Reasons to Check Your Withholding Now

Gavrilov & Co joins the IRS in suggesting this activity for several important reasons:

1.      Checking your withholding can help protect your budget against having too little tax withheld.

2.     Were that the case, you could face an unanticipated tax bill or penalty at tax time next year.

3.     At the same time, with the average refund topping $2,800, you have a decision to make.  You might actually prefer to have less tax withheld up front, and receive more in your paychecks.

4.     Likewise, basic information dictates that “If you are an employee, the Withholding Calculator helps you determine whether you need to give your employer a new Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.”

5.     If this is the case, it’s easy to utilize “your results from the Calculator to help fill out the form and adjust your income tax withholding.”  Moreover, “if you receive pension income, you can use the results from the calculator to complete a Form W-4P and give it to your payer.”

But, For Just One Day, Happy Thanksgiving and No Worries

Gavrilov & Co Accounting will be bringing you more information about how the calculator can help you in next week’s blog. Plus we have some other late breaking accounting and tax stories. But for now, let’s enjoy the simple joys of Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving means Gratitude for the beauty of this world
With a Thankful Attitude, We Soon Face a New Year.

Thanksgiving is not just about the secular turkey dinner and our Pilgrim history lessons. Put simply, the attitude of gratitude is about taking off some time, every day to actually count our blessings.

This one holiday should remind us that every day of life is a day to give thanks and praise.

“Gladness and joy shall abide there, Thanksgiving and the sound of music.”  (Isaiah 51:3) 

Gavrilov & Co states for the record, that gratitude is more than an attitude; it’s a Spirit.

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