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Online Retailers: Are You Confused About the Wayfair Decision?

Strict compliance goes hand in hand with a cash intensive business.

Attention, online retailers!  We know online retailers are confused, unhappy, and, angry.  Or they are totally unaware of the massive tax ramifications of the recent Wayfair decision by the Supreme Court.  Gavrilov & Co reported on that decision on Jun 27th.  And now we must reveal reactions and follow-up to that blog story. Online Retailers…

Your E-commerce Business, State Sales Taxes and the Supreme Court   

State and local Sales Taxes are to be determined by each state.

E-commerce has changed forever since the Supreme Court Decision of June 21st.  Just as we began planning on e-commerce as a summer spotlight topic, big news broke.  This news will change taxes and business on the Internet in the foreseeable future. The Supreme Court has Made a Landmark Ruling on the right of individual states…