The Executive Accounting Squad: Secrets of Precision Accounting

Executive Accounting Squad on the Maarch

Precision Executive Accounting is at the heart of our business.  And the Executive Accounting Squad is well aware that precision work means every penny counts in your business.

But more than good math, our Executive Accounting Squad brings you precision accounting solutions.  They answer your questions about deep financial strategies, payroll, HR problems and taxation plans.

The Executive Accounting Squad:  Precision Accounting and Financial Guidance Give You Options

The Executive Accounting Squad is here to Help.
The Executive Accounting Squad at Gavrilov & Co. Does Not Judge Mistakes. They Only Fix Them.

The Precision Executive Accounting Squad might even help you refine major nuances of your business plan.  Precision Executive Accounting Means:  No “One-Size-Fits-All” financial guidance.  We treat our clients with custom advice and precision financial reporting.

The Precision Executive Accounting Squad Means Extra Value Without Extra Investment

We are aware that many people believe Accounting and Tax Services are the same.  That is why Gavrilov gives Service that goes far beyond what you generally expect of most accountants.  At Gavrilov & Co, you would be surprised at the diverse range of businesses on our client roster.

  • We are proud to work with new businesses and independent professionals.
  • Likewise, we enjoy the challenge of meeting with mid-range companies who are ready to expand,
  • and large companies who are out-growing their current accounting and tax service structure.
  • Or perhaps your business is not growing and you suspect your accounting and bookkeeping need help.  If you are a business owner and you suspect this, it is probably true.

Meet the Executive Accounting Squad

The Executive Accounting Squad goes beyond the numbers.
The Executive Accounting Squad is Part of Your “Best Business Practices” Team.

We want you to know that we are not a one-size-fits-all accounting company.  Our Executive Squad features accountants who can help you with specific guidance.  We respect the size of your business and your brand.

  • You might be an independent professional, a small business, a medium-sized company or a large firm.
  • Our Executive Accounting Squad will welcome you and your accounting and taxation challenges.
  • And if you have no challenges, we will still find ways to help you with new visions from Cloud-based management software.  And what about some fresh, hot, helpful insights into the newest tax regulations?

We are Iconoclasts, But With Classical Backgrounds

Yes, some people think all accountants come from the same mold and know the same things.  However, we believe you want to partner with a company that will customize tax, bookkeeping and accounting strategies to your brand of success.

In fact, we think you want accounting experts experienced in your industry.  Only then will you feel comfortable learning how to grow your business with accounting guidance in several important ways:

  1. Our Executive Accounting Squad can establish accounting and tax strategies that enhance your brand, grow your reputation and fit your budget.
  2. Unlike some run-of-the-mill accounting firms, we believe in tailoring our accounting and tax consultation approach not only to your size, but to your products and services, your budget and your time constraints.
  3. Many accounting companies will refer you to Xero.  And we stand by the power and value of leveraging your business with this fine accounting software.
  4. However, members of the Executive Accounting Squad not only give you data by leveraging software like Xero, but also our accounting squad will guide you in how to use it.
  5. In other words, wise counseling can affect whether or not these data-bound packages of software bring you value.  The Executive Accounting Squad will help you understand long term and short term financial plans for your business through the numbers you see on the Xero Dashboard and beyond.

The Meaning Behind Precision Accounting…

When you are in trouble, call Gavrilov's & Co. Executive Accounting Squad.
Through Storms or Sunny Skies, We Guide Your Accounting to Safe Harbor.

In the words of Xero, our Executive Accounting Squad is adept at the fine art of Communication as well as numbers. “Taking the time to get to know your business, your products, and your business goals is important in finding someone who is willing to become a trusted member of your team.” 

The Executive Accounting Squad is only a call, email, or text away.

That’s what our Gavrilov Precision Accounting concept means.  And that’s what our executive squad is all about.  It means we don’t just add up one and two, but we tell you what the total means.

What It Means To Leverage Software

The Executive Accounting Squad, with Xero’s financial reports in hand, will answer questions on summaries of what your numbers can mean to your next business the next month, year, or in some cases, the next day.  Financial reports are only as good as the people who interpret them for you.  Quite importantly, our experts will also help you build a tax strategy which leads you to minimum taxation with maximum compliance at your local, state and national levels.

Set Sail with Xero and our Executive Accounting Squad

You can capitalize on our expertise while enjoying the Xero features on a clear dashboard on your smartphone or tablet.  You don’t need to go to your office to accomplish such tasks as paying bills, sending out invoices, and dealing with the bank.  Sometimes you can’t see the forest because of the trees, or the waves for all the ocean.  We’ll focus for you, and with Gavrilov & Co at the helm and Xero as a compass, you will have solid guides through oceans of data.

The experts in the Gavrilov Executive Accounting Squad can shuffle through all the Xero financials.  Then they will present you with the most pertinent information for you and your staff.  More than that, they will help you customize the dashboard for your business, your products and services and your brand.

Meanwhile, use Xero to keep track of your expenses and lock up information security, as well as pilot business projects.  We will show you a better way to track the fixed assets of your business. Likewise, let’s have let Xero babysit your sales tax totals so they don’t misbehave.

Not Your Average Dusty, Needle-Nosed Bookkeepers

A Golden Compass symbolizes Gavrilov & Co. guiding advice.
A Symbol of Guidance and Proper Direction, The Compass Represents the Guiding of Good Accounting Advice.

Although Accountants are generally not considered to be avid communicators, we are an exception.  We will show you the communication skills that have transformed our clients into friends and friends into our legacy.

  1. The Executive Accounting Squad will teach you how to utilize the data from your software in order to affect your weekly, monthly and daily accounting strategies. How? We’ll talk to you in the language of your business.
  2. We’ll even show you how to leverage good numbers to become a better-known brand in your industry.

Precision Accounting and Our Big Reveal

With this blog, Gavrilov & Co spotlights our executive team members with special talents in certain fields of endeavor. They play integral parts in the Executive Accounting Squad.  Currently, in addition to our general talents in accounting, we offer you some fiercely dedicated specialists.  These specialists are highly qualified for distinctive consultation in three special areas:  Real Estate, Hospitality, and the Salon-Spa business.

Watch this website for pages soon to be displayed on our distinctive services in these specialized areas. Having an accounting specialist from our Executive Accounting Squad is not a foolish investment. And it’s less expensive than you might think. 

In the Ebb and Flow of Business Life, Good Accounting is your Safe Harbor.

Our financial experts can analyze your cash flow. We can see where money might be leaking away help you fix the leak before it sinks your ship.  Let us bring your accounting potential up to date. We will steer you into safe waters. You’ll know how to deal with national, state and local financial matters. And you’ll be aware of them before they impact the bottom line of your particular industry.

The Gavrilov & Co Executive Accounting Squad specializes in guiding your business to success.
Whether Your Business compares to a Small Sail Boat or a Luxury Yacht, Gavrilov & Co. Executive Accounting Squad Will Guide You to Success.

We’ll be there for you when thunderclouds of taxes, financing or unforeseen issues boom over the horizon. Our guidance will help you navigate the choppy waters of the business climate.  One thing is certain:  You’re going to hear more about our customized approach to Precision Accounting and more about the advantages of the Gavrilov & Co-Executive Accounting Squad of Specialists.

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