Financial Services, Hope and Holiday Smiles

Financial Services, Hope, and Holiday Smiles are coming to you from Gavrilov &  Co.  The Tax Squad and Executive Business Advisors of Gavrilov & Co believe that the basis of our success can be measured in the goodwill of the friends we make and the clients we serve.

Financial Services Bring Hope For the Future.
Family, Friends, and Clients: Smiles Are the Heart of All Holidays.

This is the perfect time of year to express our gratitude for your friendship and support. Your success means our success and we both congratulate and thank you for it.

And so, in 2020, as in every year, we send a Shining Holiday “Thank you” to our clients, our friends, our business associates, and blog readers.  Holiday Greetings to You from Us!

Soon Revealing the New Hope and Financial Services of 2021

We hope that 2020 closes the gloomiest days of the pandemic and the Holidays bring you the wonder of the holiday season, the happiness of friends, and the Joy of family.

Every year at Gavrilov & Co, we have stated:  Regardless of which holiday means something special to you, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza elevates the time togetherness time as a family.

Likewise, we are a family business and you’ll soon see how celebrating our new BRAND represents our family values.—More 2021 details coming to you soon. In fact, please see our previous blog for some appetizing hints about new aspects of strategizing your financial life.

Reflections While Window Shopping on Fifth Avenue, NYC

We celebrate this time as we pause to count our blessings. If anyone is telling you it’s a dark holiday in NYC, challenge them to see the beauty of the Fifth Avenue holiday display window installations. Featured in Harper’s Bazaar, the entire front of Saks Fifth Avenue looks like a castle of frost and diamonds.

The Saks holiday Windows depict aspects of classic life in New York, not simply merchandise.  There is a giant Red Cartier ribbon wrapped around the entire Fifth Avenue Cartier building and a giant neon playful kitten paws the streamers.

Likewise, artists at Louis Viton have painted a 13 story tall, ultra-impressionistic, multi-colored Holiday Evergreen tree wrapped around the outside corner of their wall.

NYC:  Wrapped in the Art and Spirit of the Season

Hope is the Beginning of Happy Smiles.
Wishing You a Joyous Hanukkah From Gavrilov & Co.

All these visual gifts from retailers simply reflect a new and lively economic awakening we know is coming with our Holiday Season.  As Christmas approaches, as Hanukkah shines, as the time for Kwanza draws near, we celebrate the beauty all around us. We recognize all types of beauty:  natural, man-made, and of course, even economic.

Let us recognize the joy that comes from the charity in our hearts. You know we only feel that joy when we give time and talent to others in need.  2020 and COVID-19 have given us all opportunities to serve each other.  And the more love we give, the more we have.

The Perfect Holiday Gift:  Hope, Financial Services, and Holiday Smiles

 Unlike a financial institution we shall leave unnamed, we are not asking, “What’s in you’re wallet?” At least not today…We are asking, What’s In Your Holiday Smile? We are not referring to the flat or frozen smile you use on-demand.

Therefore, please, for this holiday season, we implore you, let’s exchange authentic smiles-even if they are under masks. And more importantly, share your best authentic smiles with your loved ones.

You know the smile.  The authentic smile starts in your heart, curves up your lips, and illuminates your eyes. Just think of a blessing at this special season. See?  You can find the smile begin.

Likewise, this smile can be provoked by something as simple as twinkling holiday lights, a random bit of memorable holiday music, or a happy child.

Hope, Random Scientific Facts, and Holiday Smiles

 As number-centric people, we have spent years investigating smiles factually and scientifically.  Likewise, Sarah Stevenson recently reported on the science behind a smile in Psychology Today.

Then, she revealed several physical reasons that the smile creates a mystical connection and a magical gift.

  1. Certainly, the Gavrilov & Co Holiday Smile is Contagious: 

She said that Scientists and “spiritual teachers alike agree that the simple act can transform you and the world around you.” Wow. Did you know your smiles make you more attractive?

  1. Holiday Power: Making a Smile Boosts your own Mood.

Financial Services With Smiles and Hope are Yours From Gavrilov & Co.
Smiles in the City: Hope, Financial Services, and Holiday Smiles Come Wrapped in Our Season’s Greetings and Wishes For a Merry Christmas.

This rings true even if at first, given the hectic holiday rush, you must make it with extra effort.  If you find little hope in today, think of a Happy Holiday memory, and grin a little as you read. So, Let’s see if it brightens your day and inspires a smile.

  1. Did you know that a Smile Affects Your Brain?

To clarify, according to the experts, “Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.” Folks, this is the science of Neuropeptides.

Smiles are Nice, Not Naughty:  Neuropeptides

Your smile releases Neuropeptides which have stress-fighting capabilities. Then, they send emotional messages through the neurons all over the body.

So—smile, and de-stress. And after the first of the year, when you strategize your personal financial life, you will find yourself with hope, financial services and holiday smiles all the time!

The Physical Process of the Smile

Your sparkling holiday smile instigates the neurotransmitters and floods your system with dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

  • The act of giving someone a smile releases these “feel good” substances directly into your bloodstream. That must be why the accountants at Gavrilov & Co work so hard for their clients—we love seeing them lead better, healthier lives with financial services.
  • Then, in turn, your blood pressure and heart rate lower.
  • Thus, our own smile relaxes us, just as it relaxes the lucky one who receives it.

Some scientists even believe that smiling leads to a longer life.  A smile is a perfect Holiday gift–It is one-size-fits-all, eminently returnable, and highly personal.

Family and Friends Are the Joy of the Holidays.

An Effort to Give You Some Smiles…

So, we close this blog with a holiday verse by Thomas S. Monson. We might have used it in previous years, but we will probably keep using it until we find something better. We’re not sure it can be said any better!)

He states that the holiday spirit is the:

“Spirit of giving without a thought of getting.

It is happiness because we see joy in people.

 It is forgetting self and finding time for others.

Thus, it is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.”

By Thomas S. Monson

Smiles and blessings from our family to yours! We hope you have a blessed and beautiful Holiday Time.

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